Saturday, May 04, 2019

Tired and distracted

Hey look another quarter, another blog post. The other day, I came to record a milestone and saw my previous post and started thinking about THB and forgot what I was doing. Sigh.

Okay. Why we are here today: our nanny of eight years, took a new job. For the first time in 17 years, we are without a nanny.  We should be able to handle this, right?  oNe drives now -- did I record that?  She passed her driving test first time, with no help from some cats who were sitting in the middle of the street.  It's super helpful to have her drive.

(Funny story, she turns out on to the street from the DMV and there are cats right in the middle of her lane.  Her choice was to 1) stop, 2) hit them, 3) cross the yellow line and not hit them but technically crossing the line is an instant fail.  She crossed the line and didn't faill  Yay.)

So, no nanny.  Our nanny was very wonderful. She finished school, and we knew she'd get a different job soon.  We're super happy for her, but of course we miss her.  She did much more than just take care of the girls.  She helped us figure out the crazy life and get everyone where they needed to be.  She cooked healthy food for us and kept up with the grocery list. One night, I came home to super organized cabinets in my kitchen.  She'd often go through the refrigerator and get rid of the "science experiments."

She was a super confidant for the girls, a great role model, and a good friend of the family.  She was calm and patient and a wonderful soul to have around.  She started working with us when she was just a little older than oNe is now.  That's kind of crazy. She grew up with the girls.  She's all grown up now and it is time for her to do something different.  We will miss you, C-Nanny! I didn't write about you much here because I don't write too much about "not my life" and you were always wonderful.  The blog used to be a place to vent. I never really needed to vent about you.  You were always honest and kind, a super hard worker, and very good at communicating. She and the girls really had a special bond. We were super lucky.

Below is a picture of a mug we got her... (Of course she got other things for 8 years, too.)

(One thing I just want to record...Because life has been crazy and we didn't think we'd get to work this Sunday, MWH and I both went last together on a Friday night to make up. Almost like a date.)

Thursday, May 02, 2019


I looked at the last post as I came to write this one and the pain of losing THB came rushing back. A quick update -- right after, his people and his brother cat who was his littermate, was very sad. I think the brother cat is doing better now. The brother is twoK's cat, and I've never given him a nickname here, but from here on he'll be talking-cat because he meows a lot. He tried snuggling with our other kitty, aka B-cat (oNe's cat), but B-cat is not a snuggly one. B-cat and talking-cat play and have fun hanging out, and twoK's cat snuggles with twoK and me a lot.

We miss THB. Three-a, she was THB's girl, is ready for a new kitty. (Side note, talking-cat just came down the stairs to find me and meow at me.) We have started looking. I still have lots of worries about getting a new kitty and upsetting the household balance. A new kitty is lots of fun, and we're ready, but yikes! I'm also wondering, do we do two kitties or one? I would love siblings again. We'll know when we find the right cat(s).

What else... Oh, we'll be having a crazy summer adventure. I don't think I wrote about that. twoK was selected for a tremendous ballet experience this summer. We'll be traveling quite a bit. I'll blog more about it after the fact. (That's the policy around here, write about travel afterwards.)

 oNe is starting the college application roller coaster. She'll be a SENIOR this coming school year. How did that happen? How is it possible that yesterday marked 18 years ago since the day with two lines?  How have I been blogging here for almost 13 years? (Does making a post every quarter count as blogging?)

Other stuff... Work is eh... Not meh, and there are really fun times and then times I wonder why I'm doing it. I could see changing things up in a little while, or not. It kind of depends on what else happens (with my bestest colleague and potential new projects). I'll figure it out. Not worried about it, but wow, no one tells you how much you think about if you're happy or not with your work when you're younger.

 MWH seems like he's always pretty happy with work. He has a colleague who, um, if something can go wrong, it will for this guy. He's doing well, and you don't need to worry about him, but he makes MWH's life at work more *exciting*. MWH isn't a super fan of excitement... and yet, he has me and 3 girls... (who aren't so little any more). MWH, we love you.  (I wrote a little before about how MWH and I both find working out to be super important to keep us in balance, but I don't think I ever recorded that we go to a workout class together on Sunday mornings. I love that. XOXO, MWH.)

Friday, February 15, 2019

Very sad

We lost our THB... Last weekend. We are all super sad. oNe seemed mad about it. She's such a lover of animals. I don't think she was actually mad, but her sad looks mad. twoK was sad, but she felt that Three-a should get to be the saddest, I think. THB was Three-a's kitty. I don't feel like writing much more about it right now. We have THB's brother. He's sad like us, but slowly getting better. On another note, I've been fighting a migraine all week... Death/grief always gives me one. No aura, just massive headache and lots of forgetfulness.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

January Kitty Report

I started a post at Christmas and wrote "Totally awesome day, not getting anything done..." I guess so, especially since I didn't finish the post. What's on my mind... THB... Do you remember this? He's been on treatment ever since the diagnosis. We've had two+ pretty good years. We worked hard to treasure every day. I didn't write much about THB because we'd only have a bad day every now and then. If he was a "normal" cat I probably wouldn't have noticed him sleeping more and eating less on one day, but because he has cancer I've been watching his every move and analyzing it for the last 2 years; yup, I noticed. He was 11-11.5 pounds when he first got sick. He was diagnosed at the end of October 2016 and he had to recover from the surgery he had (during which he was diagnosed). He did okay in November and December. A little dip in January and we switched medicine and then he held steady from February or March 2017(when we got all the medicine figured out) until about Sept-Oct 2018... Then he was 10.5-11... then 10-10.5... then 9.5-10....The other night he was 9.2. He continues to run around, fight with the other kitties, jump, ask to go outside, and all normal kitty things. He just doesn't want to eat. This new chemo is hard on him. He had his third dose 1.5 weeks ago. I hope he starts feeling better soon. The first two times we had 2-2.5 horrible weeks and then he looked good. He ate! He played... I'm waiting for him to start to feel better again. We love you THB. You are hilarious. You are big, tall, and you love string. You are IN CHARGE. You are totally spoiled.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


The boring... I had a couple of migraines.... Beginning of October and November... (I keep track of them here on this blog. Why? Because back when I used to blog a lot, I started recording them here. Now, it's where the history is.) Moving on... oNe passed her driving test! We have some independence. She's been enjoying the freedom to do some solo driving for Christmas shopping. She also has new friends and a new activity that she likes to do and this will really help us. Our nanny is almost ready to start a new job. She's done with school and searching. She thinks she'll be with us at least until mid January. I'm not ready to give her up. When she leaves us, I'm going to have to get someone to help us. We've had a few weeks where she's not been here for her usual schedule because of school commitments, and MWH and I have felt the stress! We won't get a "nanny" but we'll need someone to help with driving, cooking, errands. I love to cook, but right now I'm so overloaded at work that I don't have time. Another thought about the driving... when the girls were first old enough to stay by themselves, it was incredibly freeing... Now that oNe can drive herself places, it's also incredibly freeing! Someday, I'll have to talk about the college process. Right now, it involves a lot of oNe looking very angry when I try to talk to her about it... or crying. She's done super well in school and on tests, so she'll get in somewhere, but she's so worried. twoK... Still dancing. This year has been stressful, but she's done amazingly well with all that they've thrown at her: a horrible role, then changes, then more changes, then weird things happening, a decent role, and now other kids who are super stressed. Many tears, many discussions... Good learning, but learning is hard sometimes. Three-a... I'm not sure I ever talked about twoK's math experience last year here. It was awful. It was the teacher. This year, Three-a has the teacher and we're having another hard year. Not quite as bad as last year, but stupidly stressful. Sorry to be vague, I'll tell you more later. It's almost Christmas. Looking forward to 2 weeks OFF!!! SO EXCITED.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Bless the teenager...

Bless the teenager who doesn't turn on the light downstairs so she won't wake you up (note bedroom doors shut and walls to keep light out) but uses the pencil sharpener (very noisy). When you go downstairs and ask why the lights were off she says because I didn't want to wake you. When you asked what the very weird scraping noise was she says, "the pencil sharpener." When you point out that the lights wouldn't bother anyone, but that the pencil sharpener was loud, she gets a little testy. She has the PSAT this morning. She asks, what was I supposed to do? I needed the pencils. You don't point out that she could have prepared them the night before but you do suggest that she could have taken the pencil sharpener to the garage--she gets a little more annoyed. When you explain that you've used the blender in the garage early in the morning so as to not wake people she looks super annoyed. Ah, parents... (I don't think that's what she thought.) And then you drive her to the PSAT. She glares at you most of the way. (In my memory, I enjoyed taking the PSAT and SAT... Seriously. I don't share this with her.) You drop her off and you go home. As soon as you sit down she texts that she forgot her ID. You ask where it is, drop everything and run it back to her. Yup. She does say thank you. She is still stressed. You smile and wish her luck. You know she's working hard to learn and do it all. She got herself up, got ready, packed snacks, and did it all (almost) herself. You wish you hadn't have said anything about the pencil sharpener, but you did. You're proud of her. She glares a lot. She is sullen. (I didn't know what sullen looked like until this last year. Now it's the perfect word.) You tell yourself, "developmentally appropriate behavior." You are happy for her. You put up your teen angst shield that deflects all annoyances and cold shoulders. It's the only way. You feel a little sad, but you know it's what she needs to do. You wish you could do it for her, and you wish she wasn't so stressed about everything, but that's who she is. Oh, oNe, I love you! You are an incredible girl. You are super smart and funny. You are growing up.

Sunday, October 07, 2018

was Summertime ... now fall...

... when the living is easy?

Eh.  I'm not going to complain, but document.  It's been a little crazy.  New work place is good, but I used to work 1/2 time and now I work more -- not full time, but 30% more (if you do math you can figure out the total).  I am lucky that I can be less than full time but it's still more than I want to work.  Right now, I work on a new project with new people and insane schedules.  Plus I work on 4 other projects.  I should add that I don't feel like I am doing anything well.  Alas, it will get better.  I have been in this situation before and it got better.

Okay, enough about me.  In a few days, I'll have three teenage girls.  They are super good girls--I love them and I love all that they teach me.  Seriously.  I hate it when people hear that I have three teenage girls and look at me with sympathy.  If you have a daughter, at any age, I totally recommend this book, Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions into Adulthood.

One of my favorite things in the book is when she says, if you don't dread the teenage years, they won't be as bad.  (I think I'm paraphrasing, not quoting. If I'm quoting, I'm giving her full credit.) What she says is a general truism, though.  If you don't dread something, it won't be that bad. Anyway, I digress.

Three wonderful girls, that's where I was.  Marching band, Horses, College, Ballet, High School, Middle School Leadership, Dance, Rock climbing, feeding C-cat, learning to drive, and I didn't get this posted during summer.... it's now fall.  That's how crazy things are...

It's also crazy that I didn't get a post into FB or on my other blog about my Mom's birthday or death day....

I had an aura a while ago that I didn't get documented.

I also didn't document the summer event that was super scary.

I'm still working on too many projects.

I'm posting this now with the hope that I'll be back to do some more real writing before too long.  We'll see.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

coming up for air

Did I mention I started a new job in October?

I'm having a lot of fun there, but since the new year, I've done a couple of extra things each month, my work hours increased, and now I'm tired.  I've been tired for a while.  It's a "good tired."  At my old job, things were stressful in an emotionally stressful way, and that was a different kind of tired. Now, it's just pure physical and mental exhaustion.

(Just a note: the emotional stress was not caused by my co-workers. A lot of us went to the new company together.  It's awesome to have co-workers you like.)

I still have to make it through the next couple of months to get to summer.  I keep thinking that it will calm down, but I may end up doing one more big thing (with a deadline of 5/16-ish) on top of all the other stuff (including going to graduation for two of my doctoral students).  The end of school is coming up and there's lots of stuff for the girls--and our dance shows. This year is zooming by as per usual.

The girls are doing super well, but they are stressed, too.  They love all the stuff they do, and don't want to give anything up (story of my life), but we often compare how tight our shoulders are.  Sigh.  Okay... end the tired blog post.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Quarterly report

When we last left off, we weren't in the best place.

Here's the report now:

Christmas tree is down and no feet were broken.  All 5 of us helped put it away.  I love the girls.  They are so helpful and care about the family.  There was much laughter during the process of trying to foist the very heavy tree up on the shelf.  The shelf is about 7 feet high? Maybe higher as it's just out of MWH's reach.  Anyway, much love at that moment.

I changed jobs. I am super happy. The place is super positive. There's a lot of change and growth that has to happen, but we can do it.  (We just had a planning retreat so this is fresh in my mind.) I am so impressed with the CEO. She's a woman. She keeps the troops going and always is positive. I need to write her a thank you note. She is awesome. I met her a long time ago (almost 20 years). I never imagined I'd work for her, but am so glad now.

Today, I'm fighting something.  I got a sore throat a few days ago, but I wasn't very sick. But, today, I am super tired.  I didn't go to workout class.  I lightly danced for a long time yesterday (2 hours).  I got a lot of sleep last night, but am just drained.  Our cat who has cancer seems to feel the same way today.  He and I are in front of the fireplace.  Go oil of oregano and elderberry.  (And his medicine for him.)

oNe is 16! She is now dancing more -- in a company.  So exciting.  I hope she has as many happy memories as I do from when I was a teenager, dancing, and performing a lot.  Now, I don't really want to perform, but our teacher makes us perform at least once a year -- last year and this year it will be 3 times for me.  oNe will do a bit more most likely as the company gets invited to perform at local community events.

twoK is dancing a lot and doing impressive things.  I wish I could share videos, but mostly anonymous so ....   Also, she has super sweet ballet friends.  I know all the moms of the girls and I really like them too.  You know how apples don't fall far from the tree?  Yup.  Her friends are awesome and so are their moms.

Three-a is rock climbing a lot and really likes it.  She's working on one-arm pull ups and practices her regular (two arm) ones all the time.  She is hoping to be on a rock climbing team in the fall.  (We'll figure out how to make it happen in the already crazy schedule.) She (and all the girls) are super strong.  I am so happy they love to work out.

Sidebar: When I met MWH, one of the first things he said to me, well one of the first things he said to me when we were having a "serious talk" -- one of our first serious talks -- you know, you meet someone and fall head over heels quickly and you start having talks about long-term stuff quickly -- okay, so one thing he said to me was that he felt that working out was something he needed to do often to stay in good mental and physical shape.  He felt that it really balanced him. (He didn't use those words exactly,  I can't remember what he said, but those were the sentiments.  I agreed.  I am glad that we both like to work out.  He went to work out class without me today and I'm so happy.)

What else.....Three-a is doing well in her math class -- she's always loved math, but now she is at the age where she can really check her own work make sure things are good. It's exciting to watch all the changes that are happening.  Some people may think teenagers are not that exciting developmentally, but that might be because they don't know that teenage years are full of brain changes.  It's the time in life when the brain changes the most aside from infancy.

Saturday, September 30, 2017


oNe has been riding horses for a long time.  The main horse she's worked with has been sick.  Horses are amazing animals, both strong and very fragile at the same time.  I think you can probably figure out where this is going.  My poor oNe is devastated.  I wish I could do something but there isn't anything I can do.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

When it rains...

It pours.

Quickly, because I don't like to dwell... And first the good.  Three-a turned 12!  I guess that means this blog is 12, too.  Now the bad. At her 12th birthday party, she broke her femur.  However, they (doctors) didn't figure it out for 2 weeks.

We knew she had hurt her leg. We took her to urgent care for x-rays.  They didn't see any breaks on the x-ray.  We spent the next week and 1/2 waiting to let enough time pass to warrant an MRI; the thought is that kids often just bounce back. But after a week and 1/2 of not bouncing they (doctors) will do an MRI.  So they did the MRI; we learned she had a broken medial condyle (non displaced fracture).  The good news was that it wasn't a torn ACL; the other good news, no cast necessary since it had already been two weeks.

Labor day happened and it was super hot.

Wednesday after labor, Three-a got sick.  We took her in for fluids on Friday night because she couldn't keep enough liquid down and was super dehydrated.  Her hands and feet were going numb. We got Zofran (anti-emetic pill) and fluids and then they did a blood test to check her electrolytes.  With the blood test, they saw something worrisome.  The worrisome warranted a trip straight to the sterile part of the hospital in an ambulance.  Quick spoiler, all turned out fine and it all would have been fine if we hadn't gone to the hospital.  And a different doctor I spoke to (at Urgent Care) said, "I wouldn't have done the blood test."  Oh why, oh why did we not get you, Dr. C????? No blood test would have meant we could have skipped the hospital.

The hospital sucked.  It's a horrible place for people to get well.  They wake you, they poke and prod you, they record everything you pee, they stick fluids in you, but they don't expect you to eat or drink.    They definitely can't do the right things needed for a virus.  In our case, they pumped antibiotics in her because of the blood test results.

After 3 nights, Three-a was super day-night confused.  She was also down 8-10 pounds.  That's 10% of her body weight. On the 3rd day, her blood tests were normal so we got to go home with a super exhausted, skinny kid who doesn't want to move around. Remember, she's sick and she has a broken leg--a double whammy.

It's HARD to recover when you have to use crutches. She hated using them so much that she'd crawl from her bedroom to the bathroom.  It was so sad.  It's two weeks later (from when she got sick) and she's almost ready to go back to school.

It was hard to get her to eat.  Yesterday was the first day I got more than 1000 calories in her.  Yesterday was the first day I could get her to move around and I got her to crutch down a long hallway and back. Twice.  With an hour rest between them. She'll have to go much farther at school.

Yes, I am getting notes from the school district nurse, asking, "Where's Three-a?".  Yes, I am guessing they are concerned that we are making this all up.  We are not.  You can't make this stuff up.  Crazy.  The only good thing about the hospital is that it makes it seem more credible to have a kid out for two weeks and they give you a really good note for an excuse.  The bad thing is that I think the hospital slowed down her recovery and that it was the reason for her really slow recovery.  And that's been my last month.  Except for one good but stressful thing.  I'll tell you about that later.

Friday, August 04, 2017

Day off...

I made it to our week off in June and it was good for the head.  And then, work got weird.  I've worked at the same place for a very long time.  After many years of chugging along doing GREAT things, there are changes.

I don't know exactly what I'll be doing in a month or two.  It could be business as usual, or it could be a change.  I'll let you know more as it unfolds.  I think that things will work out and end up being better than they are now for my work, but transitions are hard.  Though I'm super comfortable with ambiguity, I dislike this state that we're in at work.  It's more than ambiguous.  I'm trying not to think about it, but it's obviously not working here.


On the home front, it's been a good summer.  twoK danced a lot and made a lot of progress.  oNe has ridden horses and helped with summer camp for beginners.  Three-a has tried rock climbing (she loves it).  They all tried parkour.  They all seem to enjoy it.  twoK got out of attending science camp because of dancing, but next year, I need to get her into a science camp -- note to self, sign her up for the one that she wants to attend in JANUARY so we can get the June camp.

Next summer, we have to think about college stuff for oNe.  I can't believe we're here in our journey.  Time flies.  I won't go on about how quickly they grow up; I could, but I'll just say, insert EVERY CLICHE about how quickly kids grow here.

We didn't get as much fun cooking done as I would have liked this summer, but maybe we can make some yummy things this weekend.

Other things: We are firmly in the land of teenagers now.  I think about development and learning a lot (it's my job).  A book I read that I LOVE said if you don't dread the teenage years, you'll have a better experience.  I've never dreaded them, really.  I've had lots of people tell me how difficult they'd be with 3 girls, but I just kind of laughed with them ('cause what can you say?).  I knew they meant well.  I have known this stage of life was coming for a while.  I have been trying to set up conditions that will allow us to thrive. I worked hard early on in life to establish a good relationship with the girls.  I wanted to be their Mom and their friend.  But Mom is first.

It is my job to help them navigate the world and make their place in it.  I want them to be themselves, but I also want to share my values and beliefs with them.  I don't want to constrain them, but I don't want to have kids that are disrespectful or unpleasant.  I am happy that so far, I really like the girls.  We still have a few more years to go in the adolescent experience, and I think it will get harder before it gets easier, but my goal is to keep being there.  In the book I mentioned above, it talks about how during the teen years girls (all teens, really) pull away. That can be hard.  But pulling away is what an adolescent is supposed to do.  I think the trick is to figure out how much pulling away is normal and how much is too far.

This Mom gig is hard. It's fun, rewarding, messy, ugly, and wonderful all at the same time.  oNe is experiencing something right now that she won't talk about.  I am trying to use all my SKILLZ to figure out what the problem is.  I am trying not to pry, to just hang with her a little, but give her space.   Today, we'll watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS) and dance for a while and I hope I can learn a little more.

It could be that she's upset that we have to go out of town for an important family event coming up soon and that she's going to miss a slumber party with some dear friends.  It could be that school is starting and summer is ending.  It could be just her brain feeling weird about things 'cause there are a lot of changes. It could be that I can't do anything to help, but it feels like if I'm there, doing stuff that she likes with her it will be better.

One more random thought, I love doing physical activities with my girls.  I think it really helps with bonding.  I dance with oNe and Three-a.  I need to start doing a workout class with twoK.  New plan for the day, get the girls to figure out some new cooking things that we can do this weekend in addition to BtVS and dance.

Sorry for the post with so many random thoughts ... Know that another one with more random thoughts is probably coming soon.  

Friday, May 19, 2017

I want a day off

And a day off for my head.  I feel a little like I've been whining about this year; I don't know how much it's been out loud versus in my head, but I've been feeling meh.  Whine, whine, whine.  Nothing specific, but I am overwhelmed.

I am looking forward to the end of school. That will help. twoK's had a tough year in math.  She's in advanced math and she has never loved math.  When they placed her there I was a little concerned but figured we could do it.  Well, we'll survive and limp over the finish line.  We'll make sure she has a good tutor ALL year next year (and the next year and the next or for as long as it takes....)  We have been working with her, but we just got a good tutor and it's making a huge difference.  twoK was resistant, but now she is happy we have the tutor.

twoK is 13 now!  Wow!  She is so smart and witty (even in math, she just doesn't like it).  She's a beautiful dancer and we love our sweet K cat!

oNe and Three-a are good... I need to do a post on what all they are up to, but not today.  Today, I am whining.  That's the purpose of this post.

I totally want a day off... And permission to do NOTHING.  I need to give myself that permission.  After June 3, I can (for a day or two).  And in June, we'll go on a trip to see family and friends so that will be fun.

okay... deep breath... Suck it up for just a little longer.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


oNe is old enough to start learning to drive this summer... While this will be helpful, it's so scary!

She's not super excited to learn to drive, but she rides horses and it will be great for her to be able to drive herself to the stables and home.  It's a drive on the freeway, but the freeway isn't busy most of the time when she goes so it'll be a nice way to learn to drive.

By next summer, she could be the one to take herself there and back each day for the camp where she wants to help.  (This summer, we'll have to drive her to and from camp.  While it's not out of my way to go there by too much, I wouldn't be driving there at the times she needs to be dropped off and picked up.)

(She will volunteer at the camp this year--who knows if she'll like it, but I am guessing she will.)

Not the most exciting post, but I want to document just how crazy this milestone is... The first kid doing something new is ALWAYS scary and exciting.   Somehow, I think this driving thing will always be scary and exciting, regardless of the kid.  DRIVING....IT'S a huge responsibility!  It's GROWN UP.  

How did we get here?  I guess I missed the 11th anniversary of this blog.  Happy late blogoversary to me... I'll be shocked if I don't miss the 12th one in August.  School will have just started and it will be very busy with a new schedule.  The new school year always kicks me in the bottom, and we'll be rather busy getting ready for a conference at work. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Spring Break

Over spring break MWH was better!  He can walk pretty well again!  (Still a little limp but not bad.  He really did a number on his poor foot.)  Given this improvement, we went to Yosemite -- so amazingly beautiful.  California got a ton of rain this year and it was incredibly green.

It was great to have MWH on this trip.  We missed him on our ski trip (see previous post).  It rained one day of our trip.  It was pretty awful, we tried to take a hike, but one girl (Three-a) was cold and completely miserable.  We need to get waterproof hiking boots for 4 of us.  Only oNe has really good hiking boots.  (And this is why Zappos loves me--someone or multiple people always need shoes!)

I'm not going to write much more about this trip because I've documented it in pictures on the "other' blog, but yay!  Yosemite!  I hope we can go back again in the next couple of years.  (Maybe when oNe is a junior, twoK is a freshman, and Three-a is an 8th grader.)

Trips we still need to take with the girls--the problem is we don't like to travel much:

Grand Canyon**
Another trip abroad -- Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, and Costa Rica are all places I really want to take them

Coming up soon we'll go to Universal Studios and see the Harry Potter stuff there!  (Hopefully we can find time over the summer.  It's already so full of things that I'm not sure when.)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ski trip

This year, I took the girls skiing by myself.  As you may remember, MWH broke some bones in his foot. We weren't going to get to go skiing this year because the regular ski trip is a lot of work.  It involves a flight.  A lot of driving and cooking in a condo.  I wasn't up for all that by myself.  But I really wanted the girls to go skiing.

I thought about it and realized we have ski slopes within a fairly easy drive from our house.  I decided that I could take all 3 skiing by myself.  They are older and they are super helpful and super good girls.  I decided it would be a great opportunity to make memories with them.  Since none of us are getting younger, I decided to go for it.

I was super worried about going and driving and skiing with 3.  But we did it  I didn't write up details--wish I had, but better late than never.  I'm trying to remember the details, but they are blurry.  The car we took (rental with 4-wheel drive) was bigger than I have driven in a long time, but I liked it up in the snow!  (I drive an electric car so that wouldn't have worked very well.)  My girls helped me navigate and were helpful and awesome.  They also were good friends and sweet to each other the whole time so that was extra nice.

As I mentioned I was worried about skiing with all 3.  One doesn't love to ski, but she was willing to sit down in the lodge with her phone while we went one morning.  She joined us again in the afternoon.  We only had a couple of falls that were kind of scary.  I skied behind them so I could see them and if they fell I could help them or talk them through getting up.

We skied for a day and 1/2 (should have been two days, but it snowed while we were there and none of us like to ski while it is snowing). They love playing in the snow!  There was a ton of snow!  (The snow was some of the best I've ever seen for skiing.)

On the last morning, the girls weren't really helping me pack up.  I reminded them that I NEEDED help because I was alone.  I went down to move our car and came back and they'd packed up the entire hotel room.  Things were kind of chaotically packed, but it was done.  I was super proud of them.

I am so glad we went. I missed MWH a lot. He's my partner. I am pretty independent, but I like my partner.  But, it was good for the girls to know we girls can do stuff without guys.

One last thing... It was fun sleeping 4 in a room. The girls say I snore. Only on my back and then like a bunny.  Next time though, maybe I will get two rooms.  I will sleep better... they are noisy sleepers too!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Seizure inducing toy

A little boy had a spin-y toy with bright flickering lights on an airplane flight I was on recently. It was flickering in my peripheral visual field. It was almost seizure inducing.  Seriously.  (I am kind of sensitive to lights.)

I get that he's a little kid.  I get that you're trying to keep him quiet on the plane.  However, the flicker was more annoying to me than crying.  I did not say anything to the Mom.  I wouldn't.  I'm just throwing this out there for the universe.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Recording some stuff

ME:  T quit softball this year!!! Shocking! Her Dad and I were sad, but it was her decision. I can tell you more if you want.

Friend:  SHE DID?!?! I'm so surprised! She'lll find something else fast I bet...

Me:  already did... Tumbling... And she went from wanting to be a Computer Scientist to an oncologist for cats.

Friend:  she's got some space for that decision.

Me:  absolutely, but this has been a year o' change. It is so funny to see how *completely* she is giving things up tho... she wants NOTHING to do with either of her previous interests anymore.

A little more context.  Her decision for softball was *before* the season started so we didn't "quit" -- we just didn't sign up. She didn't want to go to CS camp this summer, but wanted to go to roller coaster design camp -- fine with me, I just want to see her doing some STEM.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Dear Future Self....

I've decided I'm going to archive things here that I'll want to see again in the future ... these things will primarily be related to the 3 little girls... NOW 15, 12 (almost 13) and 11.  Not so little. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

His first break...

I am trying to dig my way out of the hole I was thrown into when MWH broke two bones foot...

Did I tell you about that? He broke it on January 3. It's the first bone break for him; well, actually the first 16+ breaks.  He broke two bones MULTIPLE times.  He did super good job on breaking his foot.   He always gives his all.

 It's been 3.5 weeks since the surgery, and he's just starting to be able to be out of bed for more than 15-20 minutes at a time.

He does so much around the house. I have been spending a lot of time keeping up with the work he does in the house. I am tired. He does dishes, trash, laundry*, other cleaning, making girls' lunches (he does the second shift usually while I get ready for the day and he helps me get out of the door in the morning), picking up kids (not really doing this, our nanny has picked up the slack there) bringing in new supplies from the garage, e.g., paper towels).

Yes, I am lucky.  He is awesome. I think we usually do about the same amount of work around the house. I do the first shift of getting girls ready for school, the drop off for both schools, the cooking, planning for the cooking, laundry, organizing for the week, all the scheduling for the girls, afternoon help with the girls, all the purchasing for girls (e.g., clothes, shoes, anything they need for school, friends' birthdays, etc).  I am missing my partner in crime around this place!

(*I should note that the girls do a lot around the house, too.  Thankfully they are also helping pick up some of the work, too.  The more stressed I get, the more they help.)

 I've written about MWH in the past...