Saturday, October 13, 2012


(Started the post at the end of September)

It seems I'm only kind of back.  That's okay.  I'm doing this for me and for the girls' to read in the future; if other folks want to read along, great.  If not, you probably don't even miss me when I'm gone.  It's all good.  I keep "the other blog" up and post pictures on nearly a daily basis over there.  This is the "private" more inner thoughts blog.  (And it's not that inner-thought-y any more.)  It's a place to keep all the stuff that I don't want to put on the other blog though.

The girls are almost in a rhythm at school and I'm almost in one with my class.  I keep debating on whether I'll teach again (if they want me) next year.  I don't know.  The chair of the department changed and s/he may not want me.  I'm about to get really busy at work (within the next few weeks I'm guessing) and then I may not have time.


Okay, I am really, really bad at blogging over here.

Important update:  I didn't have a cold on our anniversary.  I've had a cold many times on our anniversary.  I do have a cold now (got sick on Friday, but started Zicam on Thursday so it's not too bad).  I hope I'm better by Monday.  (This is another important feature of the blog... record of illness.)  (Three-a had a cold 9/29) and maybe two already this fall (she's still coughing or coughing again, I'm to sure which).)

What else?  The girls had conferences at school this week.  oNe is doing really well.  She's turned into an overachiever but she worries and stresses too much.  My goal is to help her learn balance.  And since I'm so good at balance (hahahaha) it should be really easy for me to teach her.  (Again, hahahahahaha.)

twoK is super smart, a super good reader, but not super motivated.  I guess I should say, she's not consistently motivated.  Some days, she's on and other days, she's in a terrible funk. (Seriously.)  I am trying to figure out what motivates her.  Right now, she's super motivated by her Halloween Costume.

I mean, who wouldn't be!

I told her if she doesn't stay super motivated and out of her funk, it is going back to the store.  We'll see.  I hate "bribing her" but I keep hoping that if she is acting happy, at some point, she'll just be happy... The whole "fake it 'til you make it" approach.  I think, being happy is better than being sad, but as I said, I'm still trying to figure out how to internally motivate her.  I'm spending more time in her classroom this year, and I think that's going to be good for her.  

Three-a is super smart, a SUPER memorizer, but a sight-reader, not a phonics reader.  Her current teacher's "thing" is to teach phonics and make sure her 2nd graders have a good grasp of them.  I feel a little sad that Three-a isn't going to be in the top reader group, but I know that teaching her the basics will give her a better grasp on reading.  (Or will it?)  I have mixed feelings.  I think is she weren't such a darn good memorizer, and so good at understanding concepts, the phonics might help her, but she's GOOD.  I'm not arguing with her teacher on this one, though.  I don't think it will hurt, and it might help.  We'll re-visit this at the end of the year.  (If I remember and if I'm still blogging.)

I plan to spend time in Three-a's class helping with technology.  Woo!  My favorite!

Work, for me... I'm teaching and the new project at work hasn't started yet.  11/1 is the new, "soonest" date that we have.  I'm guessing we'll be going by 12/1.  It's all good.  I really enjoy teaching and it makes me excited to do the work that we'll do.  This year, it's worked out well to get to teach first semester without much working.... I don't know what I'll do next year, but I'm not going to worry just yet.

I'm guessing, when puberty starts, I might start blogging here again.  We'll see.  For now... who knows...  (Leave me a comment if you still read occasionally... I think most of you have a link to "the other blog.")  

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Anonymous said...

I still check in every few days or so. I don't have a link to the other blog, but I don't actually know you. I stumbled onto your blog years ago and have just continued to follow as I have two sisters myself.